Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's easier when you are not playing

I was going by the road,
Met many strangers, greeted many friends.
some corner saw some stranger
greeted strangely,
unable to get the meaning
repeated same mockingly.
The journey didn't end
and I walked down the road.
one day while crossing a garden
got to see same thing again..
But, this time lucky enough
to get the words which remain,

Thursday, January 12, 2012

akash kone tukro meghe
alo andhar khela
brishti veja bikel
aar gabheer neerabata

diner pore raat ase
aar rater pore din
brishti, bikel, sndhye bela
hariye gechhe pather banke

kothao jeno roye gechhe
aaj shudhui valo laga

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ulto sojar golokdhanda

A ek ulto rajar ulto deshe,
ulto pather ulto banke,
mukh thubre pore achhe
ulto a jeeban!

ulto sojar golok dhandhay
soja khatar ulto patay,
sahaj saral sabujra sab
aj hariye gechhe,
ulto thikanay!

ulto jadi soja hobe
soja ki se o palte jabe?
mithye ki aj satyi hobe
ulto bhangimay!

Monday, August 18, 2008


khapchhara aar elomelo
kichhu alga anubhutir
satota aar biswas aaj
shudhui faska gero

ki je korchhi kothay jachchhi
sabai kisab jane!
ulto kathar ulto pyache
jot porlo mone.

chomke dekhi
chokh kochle
bebak sab e farsa
elomelo chhoriye achhe koto diner varsa.

mushkil path pore achhe
samne pichhone
dhorbo naki soja pathta
ektu ghuriye?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Batase aghran tuku roye jay

Nistabdha ekla dupur aar kichhu alas samay
biborno kichhu smriti anishchit kichhu muhurte
pichhon fire dekha, kichhu bhalo laga, aar
batase aghrantuku roye jay.

sarab neerabata aar asahay asthirata
kichhu akkhomata athoba shudhu nirlobhata!
sara mon pran aj bhore jay, bedanay
batase aghrantuku roye jay.

kichhu protishruti, kichhu shapath
hayto chhilona shudhu mithye stok
akkhom bhalobasa, sneho aar mamatay
aj shudhu
batase aghrantuku roye jay.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Once in Kodaikanal

It could be possible that there were no post at all any more in this thread.

But God thought it differently. To show some respect to that eternal power I am back again with some stuffs from Kodaikanal tour.

Let me start the story and keep reading it my friends...

When I look back and try to analysis my day to day work, I find I am thousand percent Bengali. I do plan for many things with my friends, 99% of which are undone forever.
But when it comes about traveling then I am ten thousands percent Bengali, without failing put few cloths on the bag, don't give a chance to rethink about cancelling the trip or re budgeting, along with my friends get out from home for known or unknown destination.

Few Bengalis in Bangalore were hit by the summer of 2007, and finally they came to a decision this is the right time to get out of the day to day life and decided to go to Ooty. Yes, you are reading right, It's Ooty not Kodaikanal. On e of my friends got the information there is a good and cheap resort near by Ooty. Also there was a long week end as Good Friday was there in place.
Everybody was charged up when they could smell a trip to Ooty nearby.

Mukhs my friend started working with the resort and discovered it's not at all in Ooty, it's in Kodaikanal and all rooms are already booked.
We thought it's like any other time when we want to go some place and people have booked all bus tickets, train tickets, hotels, resorts even before we can start anything.
Everybody was down. I started searching for different resorts nearby Kodaikanal.
But nothing was looking good and within budget.

Suddenly my phone started buzzing. It was Mukhs, "We have got the rooms, and people who booked before us some of them have cancelled it".
"WoW!" it came from my mouth spontaneously.

Then there was no looking back. After many discussions with many travel agents finally we booked one Tempo Traveler.

Finally in the Thursday mid night we started.

On public demand Poblai put the Sholay on DVD player. People were very much excited about the movie. But, within one and half hour almost everybody was sleeping except Mukhs, Kums and me. Anyway after sometime I closed my eyes also.

On the way we stopped 2-3 times. Finally around 6'O clock I woke up. We were near Karur town. Suddenly......

Finally we decided to take the Mahindra maxi cab for three thousands rupees. That took us to the Lilly's valley resort in Kodaikanal around 3:30p.m,

That place was cold, the sky was cloudy. Everyone was very much tired. Everybody was looking for hot water to have a pleasant bath. Even after waiting for 20 minutes it was not there.
I could not wait any longer and started having bath with cold water. Wow!! with the first drop of water there was a "dharmaghat" (Strike) in my body, apparently I could not move my hands or legs almost. Completed my bath like an express train and came out.

Everybody was waiting for lunch to be prepared eagerly. Everybody gathered in our room, leisurely passing time chatting with each other.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Stories Of Darbesh

Dear friends here I have come with lots of stories of Darbesh.
This thread will be updated regularly with real life stories of Darbesh.
He is a city dweller living in Bangalore for last one and half years. But with his daily activities he hase made this city joyous and best place to live for his friends.

So we start with his first story.

Darbesh the 4th Man

Darbesh is a Bengali sweet dish. It's so sweet that people like it very much.
Our Darbesh is also having a very sweet personality. May be he has become a man of 27 years but he is able to keep his mind set of a 4 years old boy.
He always try to learn by asking so many questions like a little child.( The bad part is he doesn't have enough patience to listen the answer for his questions! But that's a different story.)

But there is the question how he secured the 4Th place in the human history!

Once upon a time in the city of Bangalore four friends use to stay.
Dias, Max, Saki and of course Darbesh the great.
One night there was a discussion about great people of man kind.
Darbesh came with an unique comment. He found there were only three persons who were more intelligent then Darbesh. Names are Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo, Albert Einstein.

Other three were spell bound with answer from Darbesh. Finally Dias gathered some courage and asked what will happen if Darbesh has a son?
Darbesh smiled and said " You people will get the 5Th person in the world."

God!! he has secured his 4Th place for the future also!!!!

Buying car with Darbesh

One Sunday after noon Dias, Rob and some of his friends were chatting in his Rob's place. Max, Saki, Darbesh joined the group bit late. All were asking why Saki is not buying a car.
Saki was in a mood to never give up.
Max, "Hey buddy(Saki) why don't you buy a car?"
Rob, one of their friends said "Ya, can you do it Saki? I don't think you can buy."
Saki, "Is it? Do u think? See don't give me a challenge. I can buy it any day."
Some other friend "Huh who can buy don't say don't challenge me or all such things. Tell that you cannot make it."
Saki, " OK guys, let's go to the car show room right now."

People got stunned by Saki's determination.
Dias, "Think once again Motu, do you wanna buy it right now?"
Saki, " There is no second thought. I'll go now and buy it now only."

Max, Dias, Saki and Darbesh came out of Rob's place. They went to a show room who also sale pre-owned cars. But they didn't get a good deal there.
Saki was so determeinded to buy the car that they went to another dealer of brand new cars.

Here starts our Darbesh's smart activities.
One sales person came forward to help them. Then started an hour long discussion to get all information to buy a Maruti 800 car.
Dias, Max and Saki were sitting with the sales guy named Madhab.
Max, "See madhab, we are not looking for a good deal or a very good deal from you but we are looking for the best deal from you."
Wah! Wah! everybody was impressed with Max's comment.
Madhab,"Yes Sir, definitely Sir. Please tell me what car do you want to buy?"
Saki," We are looking for red color Maruti 800."
Madhab, "Well Sir, there is the car on display. Please have a look first. I'll give you the details of accessories and price and finance everything."
Darbesh, " Umm. what car is that?"
Madhab, " That's Baleno Sir."
Darbesh moved near to the Baleno. Opened the door and get into it.
Dias, "Dude, we have come to buy Maruti 800 not Baleno."
Darbesh, " So what, we need to know how does it feel. Anyway that guy need to sale a car. So he won't mind."
They had a look of Maruti 800 and came back to the table.
All started discussing about the deal and finance.
Saki, " Ok Mr Madhab, Could you please tell me which bank will provide the loan."
Madhab, "Yes Sir, we hav..".
Darbesh interupted." Mr Madhab, can we have some water to drink?"
Madhab, "Yes Sir." He told some other person to bring some water.
Madhab," Yes Sir, you have the option of citi bank."
Darbesh, " Is it possible to get it from ICICI?"
Madhab," Yes Sir, ICICI is also an option."
Max, "So, what will be the interest rate?"
Madhab, "It'll be something in between five point four to five point four zero."
Dias, "Are you sure you want to say between 5.4 to 5.40?"
Madhab, "Yes Sir, It'll be between 5.4 to 5.40"
Every one was looking at each other's face.
Max, " Are you sure?"
Madhab, "Sir, All these are difficult mathematical figures, I can't explain you. I am just a sales person but the interest rate will be between 5.4 to 5.40."

God!! What a difficult question it was.

Forgetting all these difficult mathematical figure they got busy to finalise the deal.
The place is needed to be described a bit. It was a circular table. Everybody was sitting on revolving chair.
Darbesh and Madhab were sitting side by side. Darbesh was playing with his revolving chair. He was revolving with the chair when all others were busy in the deal.
Others were busy on discussing on the accessories which will be available along with the car.
Suddenly Darbesh asked a question to Madhab.
Darbesh, "OK Madhab, how long will you take to deliver the car?"
Madhab was busy in explaining the accessories list to Saki, he looked aside towards Darbesh to answer the question of Darbesh.
Madhab, "Sir, it dep.."
Oh! Madhab it's too late Darbesh started revolving with his chair. In that fraction of second when Madhab tried to explain dependency Darbesh was having a joy ride with his chair. He was faced just opposite to Madhab. Madhab was speechless in all such action of Darbesh. He could not understand what to tell or whether he has told anything wrong.
The deal was finalised between Saki and a confused sales person.
Three cheers for Darbesh for his all such hilarious actions.

He has made the place different for his friends.